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Replay mode

Oskar Handa
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I really love this addon. Makes it so easy to create stunning short films.

But i miss that the replay tool allowes you to fly different planes in the same replay. This function would be great to make some sick formation footage.

It would also be nice to fix that so the stobe lights and similar stuff is also slowed down when you replay in slow motion. Looks really wierd when you record in 1:8 and then afterwards speed it up again.

But ahain, love this replay tool. Great job!


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Hi Oskar and thanks for the kind words.
The last couple of versions slow down the simulation rate as well (for 1/2 and 1/4 that fs supports). Unfortunately fs does not slow down waves and road traffic yet (this is a bug on fs's part that should be reported by many to be fixed).

This means that most lights and airport vehicles match the slow motion.

The replay of a second track with a different plane is something that may happen sooner than later. We have a couple of things to finish before than though.

Have you tried the new teleporting library ? It's as simple as starting fs, start fsplayground and clicking links like these :

As a matter of fact any CRTL-C, CTRL-V will work as long as it has longitude & latitude. Also CTRL-C in fs will create your own links.

Great fun !

Again, thanks for the support and the feedback !

Bests regards