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Things are very qui...
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Things are very quiet - is everything OK

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Hi Marek !

I have been helped many times myself, so the logical thing is to "pay it forward" 🙂

Do try the MSI setting. If you only change the two things I have highlighted it should be safe.

I have compiled a test version of fsplayground for you that has a setting for the CPU priority of the recording/playback system.

See if this makes any difference.

Try high and highest but also the lower ones. Run fsplayground as administrator (sometimes higher priorities are limited for non admin users)

A small difference of 1 or two milliseconds on the replay measurement is OK. Bigger differences indicate that the system cannot keep up with the replay speed and the time accuracy of the replay will be distorted. If so, decrease the smoothing factor (I believe you already know that by heart).

Awaiting news !



PS The zip file has only the .exe, just replace the 0.99.38 in the installation folder. The link functionality will not work properly until you restore the installed version.



Marek Chmielewski
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Nothing changes at all, not a bit.
Whatever setting I would use, I have the same stuttering all the time.
As if no changes had the slightest effect on the FSP.

Maybe my hardware is incompatible?
Intel i7-100700k
Ram 32GB 3600Ghz
Gtx 1080Ti
SSD drive

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