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Tracks and Position Libraries


Microsoft’s new Flight Simulation 2020 came years after the previous version and introduced a world that is worth exploring. Even the default scenery is way better than previous generation expensive projects. Such a world needs exploration, taking notes and sharing. This is where our position library comes handy.

And since you will be visiting interesting places and making daring landings, why not time travel and watch it again and again ? Change weather, time of day, cameras, start making content. Our replay system lets you do that as well.

The third offering is kind of an outfit, but we had it and we use it, so think of it as a freebie. Because Force feedback makes the experience even better. Try it with VR. If you have that old FF2, it’s now time to use it again.

FS Playground existed for many years on our hard drives. Now there is a world to release it to. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we have.

What is it

FS Playground is a companion utility to Microsoft’s flight simulator 2020. At present, is serves as:

  • A replay system. You can now enjoy that rough landing from any angle you want as many times as you want.
  • A landing rating system. Combined with the position memory system (see below), the perfect training system.
  • A way to move anywhere in the world (without exiting to the main menu) from saved locations or airport IDs.
  • Copy/Paste functionality directly in fs from text containing geographic locations and fspg:// URLs
  • A position “librarian” where you can compile sets of interesting positions and save them or share them.
  • A Weather Search System where the current weather is searched for specific (mainly bad) and interesting conditions. The plane can then be teleported there within a few seconds.
  • Force feedback operation for supported joysticks (Microsoft’s Force Feedback 2 at present).

As of January 2021, the program is still in public beta / preorder with a long list of more options and refinements scheduled for the coming up versions.

FS playground

Flight simulation playground – When flying is fun

Who is it for

We strongly believe that all flight simmers will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed developing it. Especially:

  • Content creators (our beloved you-tubers, twitchers, screen shooters etc) will be able to capture the perfect moment – multi angle.
  • Trainees of the virtual skies; set up your favorite plane just before landing and save the position. Land, evaluate, teleport, repeat.
  • Sightseeing lovers – Create or get a library of interesting points. Check the web links included with each point, or see a YT video. Then go flying there. How does it compare to the real deal ?
  • Challenge addicts – Have tried the Indonesian airstrips ? Just get the library and hit them grass runways.
  • Bad Weather hunters – find that bad METAR and teleport to the airport. Fast.
  • Have you got that old Force Feedback joystick ? Dust it off and feel the controls getting light as you approach stall, or the bump when you hit the tarmac.

As more features are added to the application this list will get bigger…

FS Playground available here
Official Trailer